Meet the Staff

Are you a student at the University of Nebraska Omaha and interested in getting involved? You do not need to be enrolled in the College of Communication, Fine Arts and Media to work on the magazine! As our staff graduates, we will need new, fresh voices to fill their roles. Do you have a passion for marketing? Do you love editing? Do you have a mind for business? Join like-minded folks and make a difference in your campus art community. Email 13thfloormagazine[at] today to get started!

Current Open Positions: Diversity Outreach Coordinator and Marketing/PR Coordinator

Maritza N. Estrada: Editor in Chief
maritzaMaritza N. Estrada is a Creative Writing major with a Poetry concentration in the Writer’s Workshop. In the 2017-2018 school year, she will be working on her senior thesis in poetry. Maritza is thankful for being a recipient of the Susan T. Buffett scholarship. When she’s not writing, you can find Maritza walking around town, playing her guitar, and attending music shows or creative writing readings to stay meditated. Maritza has experience mentoring high school and first-year college students. Her top five strengths—deliberative, input, intellection, connectedness, and achiever—drive her to be of service to people and the arts. Estrada was born in Toppenish, Washington and has been living in Omaha, Nebraska since 1999.
Kelsey Bee: Submissions Manager

972x972Kelsey Bee is currently a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the UNO English department working on her MA in English for Creative Nonfiction. She currently holds a graduate level Certificate in Advanced Writing. In May of 2015, she graduated with her BFA in Fiction from the UNO Writer’s Workshop. Some of her favorite things include: traveling (both the U.S. and abroad), trying new recipes, black tea, painting, and thrift shopping. She has been a member of 13th Floor Magazine’s executive team since 2013, starting out a blog editor. Being involved with 13th Floor has encouraged her to continue to learn about the publishing industry.

Mystery Harwood: Lead Poetry Editor 

1080x1080-png-386c74df23934c74937878ed6b3a9633Mystery Harwood is currently working on her Master’s of English degree at the University of Nebraska Omaha, where she works as a Graduate Teaching Assistant. Her academic and creative passions include all types of writing, folklore studies, and American literature, particularly contemporary fiction.


Sophie Clark: Poetry Assistant Editor 

sophieSophie Clark is majoring in Creative Writing with a concentration in Poetry.  Sophie fell in love with poetry and music at a young age and started songwriting at 14 years old. She continues to write for her band Clark & Company, which she formed her sophomore year of high school with her triplet brothers. Since then, Clark & Company has released two albums and an EP. When she’s not busy, you can find her spending time with her family and her two dogs, Huckleberry and Willow.

Madison Larimore: Lead Nonfiction Editor

Madison Larimore

Madison Larimore is a freelance prose writer, editor, internal communications intern, and writing consultant, as well as a Writer’s Workshop student at the University of Nebraska Omaha. Her writing career began when she skipped the sixth grade; she read books and wrote stories instead of going to recess. Now she reads and writes instead of going to the bar. Some of her writing can be found in Midnight Circus, Journey Literary Magazine, and 13th Floor Magazine.

Iona Newman: Lead Fiction Editor

Summer 2017_Iona's FaceIona Newman is double majoring at the University of Nebraska at Omaha in Creative Writing, with a Fiction concentration, and English, with a concentration in British Literature. She is a five-year participant and one time winner of National Novel Writing Month and has been obsessed with storytelling for as long as she can remember. In her free time she reads, writes, draws, and cries over fictional characters. If she could somehow make a living doing all of that, it would make her life.

Rosalia Alexis: Head of Visuals 

Rosalia Alexis

Rosalia Alexis is a Studio Art major with a concentration in Graphic Design. She has always been interested in art and it has paved the way for design and digital media for her. She also enjoys watercolor, acrylic, and pen illustration as other medium choices. Some of her hobbies include cats, dogs, r&b and hip-hop, makeup, and at least three cups of coffee a day.

Gustavo Cruz: Diversity Outreach Coordinator, Creative & Copy Editor

Gustavo Cruz is a BA in English from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and is a student at the UNO Writer’s Workshop. He comes from an ethnically diverse military family and is a military veteran. Cruz was born in Mississippi, but has lived in over thirty cities and towns in nine states. Cruz writes fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

Eric Moses: Marketing & PR Coordinator, Creative & Copy Editor

12728827_10208837668407803_822443496164654609_nEric Moses is currently enrolled in the English program through the University of Nebraska Omaha. In his time enrolled in the English program at UNO, he has learned that he actually does love to write and has found his love for reading once again. Working for 13th Floor magazine allows him to do both, with the added bonus of helping other writers and artists. He is always open to questions and can almost always find time to read your work and talk to you about it. He also just loves to talk, a lot.

Virginia Gallner: Creative & Copy Editor

e6a28f0f1d0548f6870b8bfa71f1f00cVirginia Gallner is double majoring in Religious Studies and International Studies, with minors in Ancient Mediterranean Studies and Medieval/Renaissance Studies. When not writing, researching or otherwise engaged in the art of learning, she can often be found playing acoustic and electric guitar. She performs original songs as well as British and Appalachian folk music, and has played many stages throughout the Omaha area and beyond. In her leisure time, she enjoys reading, cooking, crocheting, and playing video games with the best of friends (including a black cat).

Breany L. Pfeifer: Social Media/Website Administrator, Creative & Copy Editor

bpBreany L. Pfeifer is majoring in Creative Writing (Fiction) at UNO. She lives in Omaha (and California) with her parents; younger, music enthusiast sister; and 12-year-old math-genius brother. She enjoys writing Young Adult Fantasy and Sci-Fi stories the most. She is currently working on two novels, along with various short stories. When she is not writing, she is usually scheming up a new cosplay or attending rock concerts. 

Jamie Fead: Creative & Copy Editor

feadJamie Fead is currently finishing her Creative Writing major degree at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, with a concentration in Fiction. She has re-discovered her passion for reading and writing with a concentration in LGBTQA+ stories. When she isn’t doing schoolwork, or at work, Jamie spends her time listening to One Direction. (Who are totally coming back from their hiatus, by the way.) She draws a lot of influence from their music and incorporates it into her writing. Her other hobbies include shopping too much at Target, trying to find new shows on Netflix, and daydreaming about going back to live in New York someday.

Leslie Lopez: Creative & Copy Editor

Bio Pic

Leslie Lopez is a Creative Writing major with a focus in Fiction and is an English minor. She has recently become a member of Sigma Tau Delta, attended the Juniper Summer Writing Institute at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and published her first story in 13th Floor Magazine. During her free time, Leslie continues to learn American Sign Language and freaks out at every piece of Star Trek merchandise she sees. 


Phillip Brown: Creative & Copy Editor, Editor of The Gateway

Phillip Brown is an English major at UNO who enjoys reading and writing literature, and watching and making films. He hopes to make a living doing any of those things someday. Having previously studied Computer Science and IT Innovation at UNO, he is well-versed in technology and enjoys experimental digital art and video games. He is also rabidly, some would say insufferably, political.

Justin Holman: Creative & Copy Editor

Justin Holman is an undergraduate English major at UNO, with no declared focus, but a general favoritism towards poetry. Having been published sporadically over the last few years in tech websites, (, and doing his own form of guerrilla art poetry in the Benson area, Justin is very excited to both be able to work closer in hand with the publishing world and to enjoy the writing of the contributors to the 13th Floor. Fluent in sign language, Justin endeavors to think critically on both visual and written art, holding differing opinions and thoughts in high regard.

Maison Horton: Creative & Copy Editor 

Maison Horton is majoring in Creative Writing (Poetry) with a minor in Communication Studies. In his free time, Maison likes to learn, play, and write music on the piano. He currently resides in Omaha, Nebraska.

Moisés R. Delgado: Creative & Copy Editor 

Moisés R. Delgado is double majoring at UNO. Having recently finished the requirements for a Psychology degree (with a concentration in Mental Health), Moisés is now working on his Creative Writing major (Fiction). In his free time, you can most likely find him folding origami, reading manga, or daydreaming about walking on the moon.


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